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Make a plan

Be aware of why you are drinking. Before you start drinking, ask yourself why you are drinking. If there is a genuinely good reason and one that outweighs the negatives of what a drink might do to your mood the following day, social, emotional, or health impacts now and in the future, then you can have one. But before having the second or third drink make sure you apply the same process, think deeply, and compare the consequences, and not just topping up carelessly. Do not drink at all if the next day is a tough day at work, you have an important assignment, or if you want to train or exercise. Do not drink if you have a physical, mental illness or if you are under medication. Organize your day, choose your location, make sure you have sufficient money for drinks and transport, and eat before drinking.

Choose a Favorite Chill Spot

Choose a chill spot close to your home, and that your family or friends can easily find you if anything happens. It is good to stay connected and make good friends in your neighborhood. Friends provide protection and watch over you to prevent circumstances such as drink spicing that might happen when you drink in an unknown area. Do not drink while working, driving, or when engaged in activities that require high concentration because alcohol intake can result in impaired vision, hearing, reasoning, and judgment leading to accidents or even deaths.

Decide what and how much you will drink

There are different types of alcohol including whiskeys, wines, vodka, brandy, beer, cognac, gin, rum, local brews such as busaa, muratina, changaa, mnazi, and fruit blend alcoholic drinks. These drinks have different tastes, smells, alcohol concentrations, and rates of absorption in the body. Whiskeys have high alcohol concentration than beer, hence it is better to drink a small amount of whiskey compared to beer. Flavored drinks are desirable, but one may end up drinking large quantities thinking it is fruit juice, ending up in alcohol poisoning. You should choose your favorite drink and make sure you drink in moderation.

Savor your drink

Hanxiety is the feeling of guilt, shame, and fear when you wake up the morning after heavy drinking. To avoid hanxiety, drink in moderation and avoid mixing alcohol brands. Drinking less often and alcohol of better quality help prevent overdrinking and drinking counterfeit or poisonous alcohol. Always order first. If you are at a party or with a group of friends, order a drink you are comfortable with and avoid mixing different types of alcohol once.

Check your Boozy Behavior

After drinking is good to go home, take a shower then sleep for some time. Avoid visiting friends, relatives, or colleagues when drunk. Some people are easily irritated with drunk people, and it can destroy your relationship with them. Avoid drunk calling and testing your loved ones, because you may end up making decisions that you may regret later. Do not engage in riots, demonstrations, fights, or any form of conflict behavior when drunk.

Understand your habit

Always take note of your body's feelings and change of behavior. Take note of how you feel and act the day after drinking, reflect on what impact it is having on you. Take note of how you feel when you've had a drink, and compare and contrast with non-drinking days. It is important to take note of how you feel when you don't drink, so you can see the positives of not drinking more clearly and measure these against the perceived immediate benefit of having a glass or two.

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