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Is An Existential Crisis The Leading Cause Of Suicide Among Young Graduates?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Why are so many young males committing suicide? In less than a month, I've heard of young, educated, and employed graduates committing suicide. In all of these situations, they left suicide letters that showed signs of distress, but they appeared joyful, optimistic, and eager to conquer life. The messages they leave, which allude to an existential crisis or a loss of meaning in life, exacerbate the situation.

What does it mean to be in the midst of an existential crisis?

Almost everyone is affected by anxiety, despair, and stress at some point in their lives. People who are experiencing negative emotions may feel despondent and question their role in the world. An existential crisis is a term used to describe this situation. It's a lack of direction in life, a sense that there are no ambitions, no chances to make a difference, only the endless cycle of being human, of being born, going to school, obtaining a job, getting married, and dying. Many young people believe this is a recurrence of events, and they lack the desire to live, leading them to commit suicide. Despite the fact that many people are oblivious to it, the situation is deteriorating. Younger people under the age of 25 are more likely than older adults to commit suicide.

Dissatisfaction with self-

My ambition at university was to make a million dollars by the age of 30. After graduating from high school, I began looking for work. My first monthly salary was 10,000 Kenyan shillings. I had to work for more than 100 months to earn the million I want. Though it appears to be realistic and feasible, the truth is quite different. I had to pay rent, transportation, food, clothing, and feed my family with my Ksh 10,000. As a result, becoming a millionaire with 10,000 Kenya shillings salary per month was not just a pipe dream, but also an impossibility.

Feeling dissatisfied in social situations.

When people begin to ponder what life means and what their or the world's purpose is, they may experience an existential crisis. Understanding one's temperament, how they deal with problems, how they react to disappointment, how they relate to others, and what they require can all assist a person to avoid suicide ideation. Lack of answers can cause internal tension, leading to irritation and a loss of inner delight.

Where does the assistance come from?

Seek assistance. Due to discrimination and community scorn, those suffering from mental illness are always ashamed to express their worries with people they know, including friends, family, and neighbors. In Africa, mental illness is linked to witchcraft, curses, and other taboo social beliefs. Replace pessimistic thoughts with positive ones to regain control of your thinking. Government and private-sector mental health professionals should work together to create a network of mental health caregivers who can anonymously offer guidance and are conveniently accessible. Many people like to be identified with success and accomplishments, and they hide their failures or disappointments. As a result, sharing anonymously can make people feel more at ease and secure in seeking mental health care.

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