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You are more powerful and effective when you are completely yourself, and being yourself is self-care. Stop sacrificing your mental health for other people, ignore toxic people, and start acknowledging yourself. Distance yourself from people who have a toxic and negative influence on you. You are not a hero for subjecting yourself to those who prey on you emotionally. Let them go.

While we love little things like going to the spa, shopping, and others, sometimes the best form of self-care is social media breaks, eating healthy food, spending time with nature, friends, family, deep cleaning in your space, and taking it one day at a time. Cultivate joy and peace every day in your surrounding, do your morning routine, tune into what your body needs, nourish yourself, drink water, and keep warm with your loved ones for every act of self-care is self-love. Create that time for you, enjoy every moment in life.

In life, It is during the worst times of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care about you. Finding a true friend to share is important, but not telling everyone everything is self-care. Your silence and my overthinking are a dangerous combination, share your ideas, frustrations, and find the solutions.

Anger worsens situations from unimaginable to unfixable. Learning how to forgive someone on your terms and not having to explain yourself to anyone is of self-care. Sometimes, God removes people from our lives to protect us, don’t go running after them. Accept it, move on.

Dating someone who understands your mental health is very important because there are people who will make you feel bad for having anxiety or depression. Your family is your pillar for self-care, find, create, or invent the best family for your mental wellness. Take care of your mind and the way you speak and view yourself. Don’t let negative thoughts weaken your mood, determination, goal, or even opportunities. Self-care is staying and keeping your thoughts as positive as you can. Remember to speak highly of yourself, write out some affirmations and stick them to your mirror.

Take life day by day, be grateful for the little things that happen in your life. The mind is the most powerful tool we have, we can invent, create, experience, and destroy things with our thoughts alone. Prioritize your mental health, don’t let someone get comfortable disrespecting you.

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