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Partying may be inevitable, but making wise choices help in staying safe and healthy. Although partying provides a good chance for bonding and socializing, but it has risks including binge-drinking, drunk driving, unprotected or non-consensual sex, drink spiking, drug overdose or alcohol poisoning, violence, fights, and injuries. Partying safely and healthy ensures maximum time use, enjoyment, and stronger social bonding and connections among people.

1. Make a Plan

You should always have a plan, schedule, and knowledge of where you are going to party. You should make a proper budget for food, beer, transport, and surplus for any other unexpected expenditure. Furthermore, you should prioritize your expenditure according to your budget other than your friends' influence. If you are going to a house party, disco, or nightclub, you should have prior knowledge of the place either by asking friends or researching on the internet. You should learn about the menu and the cost of your favorite drinks for proper budgeting and personal happiness when at the party. You should keep up with your schedule by ensuring you leave on time as planned or according to the rules of the place.

2. Stay Close to the People You Trust.

We always go out with our friends, family, relatives, and people that we know. When going to a party, you should always stay close to the people you trust and ask them to look out for you, and let them know you will do the same for them. Your friends are your best security, they check on you to prevent any misbehavior and understand you well when you have a problem. You should stay closer to the person you trust and be free to share with them when anything happens to you. At parties, making new friends is easy, but never trust them.

3. Have a Plan of Getting Home

Before leaving your home for a party, work out how you’re going to get home. Learn about the mode of transport available, the fare charges, how far is your home from the place and the best mode of transport to use after the party. You should always have money for transport, arrange for someone to pick you up, or make sure that someone is the designated driver, and that they won’t be drinking or taking drugs. You should always have a plan B to get home if plan A falls through, such as ask a relative or friend if they will pick you up if you can’t get a taxi.

4. Eat Well Before the Party.

Never join the party while hungry. It will start with one, two, and before you realize you are drunk before you eat. Eat a balanced diet and drink water before the party. A foundation determines the strength of the building, hence you should always keep a strong foundation for maximum enjoyment at a party. A full stomach helps slows down the absorption of alcohol in the body, which helps you to stay sober, active, and happy during the party. Imagine being the first person to “TAP OUT” at a party, It is shameful.

5. Enjoy Your Drink in Moderation.

At parties, there are different types of drinks beer, vodka, rum, brandy, wine, whiskey, cognac, and others. Some drinks are your favorite, while others you might have had a bad experience, and you wish not to use them. Avoid drinking unknown or intolerable drinks. Enjoy your drink at your own pace, avoid shots, and “BOTTOM-UP” if you aren’t used to it. Drinking too much alcohol affects your health and may ruin the spirit of the party. Always decide on your type of drink and limit and stick to it.

6. Have Condoms with You

Nowadays, sex after-party is common due to increased house parties in the Coronavirus pandemic period. Unprotected and non-consensual sex at a party may result in Sexual Transmitted Infections such as HIV or unintended pregnancy. You should always take condoms with you if you think you might end up having sex at a party. If you do, use condoms. Avoid sex parties, they are dangerous to your health.

7. Avoid New Drugs

Many people usually try new drugs at parties. New drugs are dangerous because they may result in harmful health effects, addiction, or even death. You should avoid trying new drugs from parties because the effects of drug-to-drug interaction on humans are always different. If a friend is comfortable using a drug and you have never used it before, don’t try. The best way to avoid drug-related problems is not to use it at all. If you plan to take drugs, make sure you know what you’re taking, and let someone you trust know too, in case anything goes wrong. You should use the drug in moderation to reduce the risks of overdose or drug-related injuries.

8. Beware of the Rules

The driver on the highway is safe not when he reads the signs, but when he obeys and follows instructions. Beware of the government and community rules and regulations involved partying time, recommended drugs for use, and environmental safety. Be aware that it is illegal to drink alcohol on the street or in a public place, or to carry or use illicit drugs. Even if you’re not actively drinking, if you’re drunk in public you can be arrested. Be aware of the curfew times in an area and adhere to the timelines. Avoid being drunk and disorderly.

9. Avoid Violence

Some people turn violent after drinking, they become easily irritated and can easily start a fight. You should understand yourself and avoid exposure to such scenarios or people. You should avoid fights and violent behaviors after drinking because they can lead to injuries or even death.

10. Stay Hydrated

Drinking too much alcohol has consequences of fatigue, weakness, thirst, headache, muscle aches, nausea, stomach pain, vertigo, sensitivity to light and sound, anxiety, irritability, sweating, and increased blood pressure known as a hangover. Staying hydrated helps prevent hangovers. You should drink water after partying and days after to stay hydrated and avoid hangover symptoms.


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