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Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Blood donation is safe for healthy adults and it takes between 6–10 minutes only. A blood donor has to wait for 56 days or 8 weeks between whole blood donations. If a person has any health issues or concerns, he or she should consult the doctor before donating blood.

When preparing for blood donation, drink water before your appointment to make sure you are well hydrated, eat a healthy meal that’s low in fat and wear a short-sleeved shirt or a shirt with sleeves that are easy to roll up.

The benefits of donating blood include:

1. Free weight, blood pressure check, and hemoglobin or iron levels test to ensure that your blood hemoglobin or iron levels are suitable for donating blood.

2. Donating blood helps maintain good health by stimulating the production of new blood cells to replenish the blood loss after donation.

3. Donating blood at least once a year helps reduce the risk of a heart attack by 88 percent, maintaining a healthy heart.

4. Giving blood can help the liver stay healthy by reducing iron overload that may affect liver function.

5. Donating blood helps reduce the risk of hemochromatosis due to excess absorption of iron. Hemochromatosis is when one has too much iron, excess iron is then deposited in other organs such as the liver or heart affecting the organs' function. Blood donation helps reduce iron levels since the body needs iron to produce red blood cells.

6. Donating blood helps improve the mental state of people. Volunteering in donation provides a positive effect on happiness in turn, reducing the risk of depression and improving the emotional well-being of the donor.

7. Participating in blood donation provides a sense of belonging and reduces loneliness by contributing to the community's wellbeing.

8. After blood donation, donors get informed of their blood group and the results of diseases tested. This may provide the opportunity for early disease diagnosis and treatment.

Remember: Refreshments are served at the end of donation as the donor rest for 10 to 15 minutes before leaving.


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