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The Future of Medicine is Prevention: A Brighter Life, A Better Future

Did you know that 90 percent of human diseases may be prevented with easy and inexpensive methods?

How to Prevent Diseases at Home in a Simple Way


Avoid clogging of water that can serve as a mosquito breeding ground, clean your compound shrubs and allow good drainage.

Mosquito netting should be draped over the beds.

Install screens on all of your windows and door to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

Permethrin is an insect repellent that may be used on clothing, mosquito nets, tents, sleeping bags, and other materials.


Be cautious when handling goods used by the infected person.

Make sure you are drinking clean water by boiling drinking water to ensure is clean and bacteria-free

Sweetened beverages should be avoided, as should coffee.

Make sure you wash raw veggies and fruits with clean water whether you can't peel or not.

To balance the intestinal bacterial flora, eat curd, yogurt, and buttermilk.


Make sure to drink and use safe water to brush your teeth, wash and prepare food, and make ice.

Hands should be washed frequently with soap and clean water.

Do not poop in any body of water; instead, use latrines or bury your waste.

Cook food thoroughly, cover it, or eat it immediately while it is hot.

Common Cold

Common Cold can be prevented by using home ingredients such as:

Garlic soup can help to lessen the severity of a cold.

A daily glass of lemon juice will boost the body's resistance.

Onion juice can also aid in the prevention of a cold.

Drink plenty of water every day, at least 6-8 glasses.


An annoying dry cough might be relieved by using basil leaves and ginger. Basil leaves or taktakesesh ginger can be chewed with hot water.

Consume grapes. Grapes, when consumed on a regular basis, can also aid in the relief of severe coughs.

Coughing can also be relieved by drinking a few cups of hot water with salt.

If you are coughing, take a long and hot shower. Taking a deep breath of steam can bring temporary comfort.

Fever Blisters

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the skin.

On the affected area, use a cold compress.

Nuts and chocolate should be avoided.

Common Fever

Consume oranges. Oranges provide immediate energy and aid in the body's battle against illnesses.

A glass of milk can also help.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

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