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Africa has the fewest number of people vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, while people in Europe and North America are receiving a third booster dose. Africa needs a solution, own solution other than depending on donor and world organizations. We need improvement in research and development, pharmaceuticals production and manufacturing of medical products to cater for the people.

More than 90% of vaccines used in Africa are researched and developed outside Africa, this has created a big problem with COVID-19 vaccines. Africa's leadership should develop policies that will start research in schools and health facilities to enhance health surveillance and solution development for our problem without depending on donors. Proper funding and equipment should be availed to students and researchers in traditional, modern, and future health solutions.

Africa needs to reinvent its approach to health matters by advocating for preventive medicine other than curative medicine. Preventive medicine is cheap, easy to support, and helps protect the environment too. Wearing a mask, washing hands, and keeping distance are simple and easier preventive measures against COVID-19 than vaccines. Mask is reusable.

Traditional herbal medicine has been in existence since the beginning of man. Africa needs to refocus and redevelop health solutions through innovating and improving the production, distribution, and usage of traditional herbal medicine.


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