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Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Why do we visit the hospital, why not the health providers come to us? In the community people suffer from depression and anxiety, eating disorders, drug abuse, chronic conditions, infectious disease, and accidents that require an urgent check-up with trained health practitioners. It is time to change from large hospital buildings to a mobile health system where one can link with primary caregivers for check-ups, healthcare services, and health promotion.

The development in telemedicine, electronic health records, online pharmacies, simple and portable diagnostic kits, remote health monitoring gadgets, and digital health pass that enable treatment and monitoring of health conditions for people such as employees, customers, fans, and travelers has a positive impact on future health care delivery. Health technology can help in primary care delivery by providing an instant health check on community wellbeing. For example, the health pass can be used in the verification of vaccinated individuals from unvaccinated and help in planning and implementation of health vaccination strategies. Health monitoring tools can be used by community health workers in conducting surveillance of infection spread and provision of data for disease control in populated urban areas and marginalized rural areas. Telemedicine and home call for health providers can improve patient wellbeing by reducing the number of hospitalization and improving care through the use of the family as caregivers.

The information-sharing technology should be integrated with the nearest primary care facility for urgent service delivery and information sharing. The systems should be designed to make patient data more accurate, safer, and more accessible to the primary caregivers. Imagine being sick but only through a touch of a button, a health provider appears at your door? This will improve community wellbeing, health confidentiality, and health awareness in the community. In Africa, people travel for days to access the nearest health facility, but through mobile doctors, the patients will be able to call health providers to their homes for the services required.

Electronic health records cannot replace a doctor who knows you but can make it easier for other health professionals to monitor medical care and ensure that guidelines were followed. It is important to get regular health check-ups, taking preventive measures, and adopting healthy habits and lifestyles. Through technology individual activities such as physical exercise, good nutrition and a balanced diet, safe water, sufficient sleep, not smoking, and limited alcohol can be monitor community or individual well-being for a healthy life.

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