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Have you ever boarded a matatu and when you are at the door, you get bombarded with different confusing, nauseating, and very unpleasant smells? This is because all the windows might have been closed and there is poor air circulation in the vehicle. It is very important to open the windows of public service vehicles to allow proper inflow and outflow of air.

Get rid of smelly stale air

Clean air circulation is important for a healthy you. One of the main reasons people need to open up the windows on a matatu or a public service vehicle, even during cold weather, especially between June to October in Kenya, is to let out stale air. Air locked in the public service has been “used”. It has been breathed in and doesn’t contain as much oxygen as the fresh air from the outside. We all need oxygen to function and work properly, and therefore, air that is lacking in oxygen is not good for me and you. When you open up windows, you’re helping to get rid of the stale air and bringing in the new, cool and fresh air in the vehicle.

Help Prevent Infectious Disease

The most efficient way to prevent COVID-19 and Tuberculosis is by ensuring there is proper air circulation in the room. Microbe particles spread between people more readily indoors than outdoors. In matatus, the concentration of viral particles is often higher when the windows are closed than when open. A light wind from an open window in a public service vehicle can rapidly reduce the microbe concentrations in the surrounding air. The lower the concentration, the less likely the microbe particles can be inhaled into the lungs, or get into contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth. Open the windows to help prevent Coronavirus and Tuberculosis disease from spreading.

General Wellness

Fresh air circulation improves concentration. Because having fresh air in the room means there are higher levels of oxygen. New, cool, and fresh air helps improve mood, concentration and boost individual association with the environment and nature.


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